Devaki Krishna Temple - Goa India Holidays

An India pilgrimage tour remains incomplete without visiting Sri Devaki Krishna Temple. Goa temples are symbols of ancient Indian culture and heritage. They form an indispensable part of India pilgrimage tour. Naturally, forms part of any Goa temples tour.

Three Kilometers away from Banastari Bridge on Panaji-Ponda road, you will reach one of the notable Goa temples named Sri Devaki Krishna Temple at Marcel. On Goa temples tour you will come across many legends. Legend of Goa temples has that the deity was brought from Ghorao in Tiswadi to Mayem in Bicholim initially. Thereafter it was shifted and became one of the most famous Goa temples.

A traveler on an India pilgrimage tour with interest in history will identify the reason as foreign invasion. Many Goa temples have the same history of shifting. You will find a number of shifted temples on Goa temples tour.

Also known as Pisso Ravalnath, Sri Devaki Krishna temple, a part of your India pilgrimage tour, is rich in architecture. The Garbha Griha of this gem of Goa temples contains the idols of mother Devaki and Lord Krishna. Tourists on Goa temples tour will appreciate the sculpture. Pilgrims on India pilgrimage tour will appreciate the posture with mother Devaki standing and Krishna on her hips. Rarely a traveler on an India pilgrimage tour will find such artistic sculpture displaying eternal love of mother. Goa temples tour is full of visits to such unique monuments.

Tourists on India pilgrimage tour will naturally be curious about the festivals celebrated in this temple. They and also those on Goa temples tour will find Malin Purnima interesting. Malin Purnima is the main festival of this temple that attracts many pilgrims on India pilgrimage tour. A tourist on Goa temples tour during January-February can enjoy this festival. Winter is the best season to move on a Goa temples tour.

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