Adventure Sports in Goa India

Goa has a number of popular beaches and a vast coastline. This makes it the ideal place for adventure water sports. Your holiday becomes not only relaxing but thrilling too! Goa has plenty of water sports to offer to its visitors. Be it the more challenging ones like jet skiing and wind surfing or the tamer scuba diving, there is something for everyone. The facilities provided by the concerned authorities are at par with international standards and norms. Mostly, instructors accompany you on these water sports. So get set to taste the real thrill and adventure in Goa!

The stunning beaches of Goa are known as much for their picturesque beauty as for the myriad of water sports facilities. The azure waters of the Arabian sea lure adventure buffs with the prospect of exciting water sports ranging from windsurfing to parasailing. The credit for transforming the tranquil beaches of Goa into water sports zones goes to the Englishman John Lucas who descended on these beaches in the 1970s. Lucas' passion for windsurfing rubbed off on other tourists who gradually took to the water sports in Goa in large numbers.

Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing is one amongst the most popular water sports that Goa offers. Wind Surfing is a combination of sailing and surfing. You will require a sense of balance and synchronization to succeed. While in Goa, you must give wind surfing a try, it will definitely set your pulse racing. Make this holiday vacation in Goa a memorable experience.

Water Skiing

Feel the waves of the ocean splash across your face while water skiing in Goa. You are sure to feel a sense of thrill and adventure. Plenty of beaches and serene seas in Goa serve as ideal places for tourists to enjoy water skiing. Beginners just need to be a little careful in maintaining balance. Water skiing is simple and easy for those who know how to swim and balance well.

Beach Parasailing

Those who dream of soaring high in the sky like a bird should try out parasailing in Goa. Also known as Para Ascending, it is one of the most sought after sport in Goa. Several tourists visiting Goa for a laid back vacation do try parasailing at least once. The sport is an irresistible treat for the adventure enthusiasts in Goa. Different locations in Goa offer it at quite affordable prices.

Water Scooter

Water scooter is popular with all who visit Goa. The excitement of zipping across the seas is a temptation that is hard to resist. There are plenty of operators from where one can hire these water scooters. It is the latest accessory seen in Goa.

Such adventure sports make holidays in Goa a memorable affair. The variety of water sports offered by this Indian state excites even the most laid back visitors.


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